About Us

A multifunctional farm that began in 1950, located north of Rome, more precisely in Sabina, an area suitable  for producing quality oil.

This area is recognized as the PDO SABINA area, where thanks to the traditional varieties and some historical varieties attributable to the ancient Romans .As a matter of fact olive oil was produced in this area in ancient Roman times.

Our family, like all those of Sabina, is culturally linked to this product which is certainly made with wisdom, professional skills, agronomic, and favorable soil and climate conditions, but above all with great passion, because for all of us extra virgin olive oil is something extremely familiar.(da modificare)

Ours is a” closed cycle “company,with  over 100 hectares of olive groves, the mill is internal,as well as  storage and bottling procedures.

The farm uses traditional cultivation methods, modern planting layouts made up of only local varieties, we decided on  the PDO product certification in  2000 and in 2016 we chose to direct production to a process certification system, the ORGANIC one.

The internal oil mill allows us to mill the olives  very promptly (within 12 hours),and  transformation carried out entirely in cold (temperature control below 27 degrees)thus  preserving the aromas, flavors and the precious antioxidants of quality extra virgin olive oil, the polyphenols.

For a good  quality olive oil, filtration must take placeimmediatly after. Through this process while achive maximum purity getin rid of last processing residues.

Storaing the oli exclusively under nitrogen we preserves the product from its most fearful enemies, light and oxygen. This long process prepares the oil to be bottled, ready to enter the life of the most attentive consumers with a dual role, a fundamental food  in the Mediterranean diet  and ambassador of a territory, bringing  a part of Sabina into the household.

Our vocation is mainly olive growing, but in addition to olive growing we have a small wine production, a seasonal vegetable garden which, in addition to guaranteeing vegetables for our family, allows us to left our guests enjoy  them in addition to transforming them into excellent pickles .

We also have a small black pig farm,that allows us to produce cured meat which complete the gastronomic story of our landthat we aimto tell through traditiol  flavors.